Barbara Thera Ritchey Collection

The collection of Barbara Thera Ritchey (1926-2018) Barbara had Arabian horses for 25-30 years, and loved the sidesaddle classes so much that she picked up sidesaddles (or pieces of saddles) when ever she came across them. This collection, generously donated to Kentucky Sidesaddle by Barbara’s daughter, was sold with the proceeds benefiting the club.

Lot 1: Tree 1, 17″ US Measurement, a few loose pieces

Lot 2: Tree 2, 17″ US Measurement, loose pieces, a bit worse shape than 1

Lot 3: Civil War – Not recommended for restoration due to suspected age and authenticity.

Lot 4: Catalog & Crupper – 18″ US Measurement (20″ clearance)

Lot 5: Partial, 17″ US Measurement

Lot 6: Child’s re-build – 16″ US Measurement

This is the saddle Barbara began restoring before her passing. Safe is included for modeling, but not recommended for re-use. It comes with the safe flap, and paneling (not shown)

Lot 7: Sears and Roebuck, 18″ US Measurement (20″ clearance)

Lot 8: The Better Cataloger, 18″ US Measurement (20″ clearance)

Lot 9: Red-Seated 2, 17″ US Measurement (21″ clearance)