2015 Year in Review

2015 was a big year for Kentucky Sidesaddle (KYSS). The club membership grew tremendously thanks to our inaugural fall clinic in 2014, and we won the American Sidesaddle Association‘s Expansion Award for most new members!

Club President, Samantha Peterson, and club Treasurer, Kimberly Cornelius, joined American Sidesaddle Association, and Southern Ohio Ladies Aside (SOLA) President, Maggie Herlensky on an epic 23-hour round-trip road trip to North Carolina to accept a donation of Elan sidesaddles from Marti Friddle, ASA’s Director at Large. The saddles were then distributed to regional clubs for use in demonstrations and clinics, and one was raffled as a fundraiser for ASA.

Kentucky Sidesaddle members participated with members of other regional clubs in 2015 Pegasus Parade, held in Louisville, KY as part of the Kentucky Derby Festival. The ASA team won the award for Best Mounted Unit, celebrating Louisville by giving a nod to the Kentucky Derby, and dressing as jockeys.

In June, club Treasurer Kimberly attended the 2015 Awards Banquet hosted by Chicagoland Aside (CHICA), where she accepted the Expansion Award for the club, and the Helping Hands award for her work in organizing clinics.

In July, KYSS and SOLA members turned out in force for Breyerfest, at the Kentucky Horse Park. We had a huge turnout, parading through the ring showing off habits and costumes representing different eras throughout history, from medieval to Steampunk, and also region – KYSS member Cindy Sither rode her Akhal Teke, Garpun, in traditional Turkmenistan attire.

The following weekend, KYSS set up a table in the Big Barn, and supported ASA members from Georgia, New York, and Tennessee as they gave a special sidesaddle demonstration for the Kentucky Horse Park‘s Parade of Breeds, during Hats Off Day Weekend, which celebrates the horse industry in Kentucky.

In October, we hosted our second Fall clinic at Masterson Station Park, where we again had a fabulous turnout. This was followed up by group participation in the Georgetown, KY Festival of the Horse Show, the next day.

2016 is shaping up to be bigger, and better than ever! We hope you’ll join us!

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